Sirod Naturals was founded by Hannah. She was inspired to start Sirod Naturals because of her desire to limit the use of chemicals on her children. She researched the use of ayurvedic herbs and organic natural ingredients. Based on her research, she successfully formulated hair and body products for her children’s hair and body. She later formulated products for her own hair and body.

Sirod Naturals is a beauty brand focused on creating hair and body products without unnecessary ingredients. Our products are made using organic and natural ingredients that helps with your hair and body. 

Our hair products are formulated with organic ayurvedic herbs to help with hair growth and health. We focus on using the best natural and organic ayurvedic ingredients that helps with hair growth and health. They do not contain any harmful ingredients. 

Our body products are formulated to help clear skin and moisturize the body. They are made with natural and organic ingredients only. We focus on helping the skin clear from acne, eczema, dryness and overall body health. 

 Our products contains:

No Sulfate

No Silicone

No Paraben

No Formaldehyde

No Artificial Color

No Synthetic Fragrance

 We use USDA certified organic ingredients and essential oils in our products. We also source from fair trade companies.

Our products are handmade in small batches with the utmost care to ensure freshness.

Our Promise

To provide you with high quality products that will enhance and contribute to healthy hair using natural and organic ingredients with ayurvedic herbs.

To provide you with quality products that your skin will love without any harsh chemicals.

To continue making products that are free from harsh chemicals.